Our company was founded in 1977 and mainly manufactures high quality industrial equipment.

In 1987 it came into operation on privately owned grounds under the supervision of Quality Management System ISO 9001 : 2015.
Highly skilled at raw materials difficult to process like PC, PA, POM, PBT, along with our modern manufacturing system ,we combine high quality at reasonable cost and consistency between words and deeds.
Our endless effort and progress as well as investments on the latest technology and our direct contact with international innovations in the field of raw materials and methods of production, guarantee the fulfillment of the most demanding requirements. Taking into consideration the above mentioned we are confident that we can successfully take on the design and mould construction upon request.

In a space ergonomically constructed, owned by our company from the very beginning, with great attention given to the selection of production - auxiliary machinery, we provide for the total production scale, that is control and packaging procedures, with the intention to eliminate the possibilities of producing items witch do not meet the specified standards.
The items production intended for packaging, pharmaceutical products etc , are available due to the healthy and orderly conditions combined with the high-techmachinery.The issue of certificates concerning the suitability of the raw materials of the above mentioned application, as well as the certifying of products with CE is also available upon request.

If vou require items of special certification exposed to hard labor, acidious environment or if perfect appearance and application is the point at issue ,be sure that our proposals surely meet the case.